Just thought that one up the other time. There was something on the tv. It looked like it tasted like it looked. People spent hours to get it that way and were paid more than other people make in their whole lives to trick us, who are lazy and watching the thing that looks like it tastes like it looks on the tv. People make in their whole lives sometimes nothing of much substance, and others who make less money than those who try to trick us by making things look one way or another sometimes make very substantial things, but neither parts of this statement are mutually exclusive.

Take the copyright © Take the cola © Take the handlebar moustache and Lenny Dykstra’s ability to spit © Take alt 0169 and press it close

If someone were to say to you, I’ll give you this bloody nose for free or you could bargain for a hand cheeze grater that doesn’t work at all.

If someone who makes something substantial decided to quit doing whatever it was they were doing to make the substantial thing a part of our mutually exclusive existence, the copyright could be a great tool.

otherwise, out of the great blue hallucinogenic yonder we would have to smell the things that looked like the tv and make do with eating things that were less than tasteful.

and if someone said ‘I’m not so sure of anything anymore,’ fumbling like with keys but with their very words ©


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