what does the fool with wings say when he’s called a man?

Sat in the back for most of the show. Some guy kept coughing behind me. It sounded like his eyes were trying to make their way out of his body via some cavernous route through his lungs. And then there was all the tapping. I don’t know about you, but some thing are almost enough to draw me into a cola fueled frenzy and incessant tapping is one of them. I’ll double fist two litre bottles of cola until I’m ballooned up with enough gas and piss that it all comes out at once. Be wary. Don’t sit anywhere near me. (overheard on the walk from 83rd to 7th ave)

It was a Tuesday. The sun had just risen over the city’s slow buildings. Nobody was minding anyone else’s business. Trains were running on schedule and a man with a cane stepped out into the street. There was nothing special about the cane or the light or the man. He’d made this step every morning. He could remember doing it in varying forms. Occasionally he’d pirouette just to see if anyone would notice. There was hardly anyone else out at that hour, but once he’d made a young girl smile and once a gruff young man almost bowled him over and called him foul names.

Your address changes only.
Your address and your demeanor are the only things to change.
Your address and the way you sleep at night and your bones and facial structure.
Your address and the name you’re given and the name you take and all of the friends you’ll ever have, but you’ll never leave them.
Your address and the walk to the bathroom and the walk back to bed and who’s there when you get up, but you will never. You will never change.
(overheard on a commercial for skin cream and throat losenges).



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2 responses to “what does the fool with wings say when he’s called a man?

  1. I totally want that face cream and those lozenges.

  2. me too. i wish i could remember the brand!

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