On hearsay and dog fighting or: vick and the dogs and the dogs and vick.

someone said the man should be put in the pit.
someone said the man should not serve a jail sentence but be forced into a public relations frenzy and go to talk to school children.
someone said something must have happened to him as a child
someone said his brother makes him look like a saint
someone said he’ll never play in the nfl again
someone said he’ll be back next year and he’ll have a lot of time to think about it
someone said he apologized and he said he had to grow up
someone said animal rights is a relatively new idea
someone said there are too many people on the face of this planet
someone said its bad to care more for animals than for people
someone said people like him should be tortured

someone said that men in the nfl use their bodies like weapons
someone said there are enough people on the face of the planet being tortured already
someone said if you feel like you’re being abused there’s nothing stopping you from becoming an abuser

someone said animals don’t have souls
someone said who electrocutes dogs
someone said the price of his card has gone through the roof
someone said they’re sending his jerseys to clean out kennels
someone said all dogs go to heaven
someone said we need to think hard about what to do about this


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