of the disappearing months

I’ve just won a sleepaward and with company. We arrived back from Italy and promptly laid down for some large fraction of a day. There were bumpy skies. Thanking Dolly, I think. Also thanking the redheaded woman who told me “you’re welcome” after she asked if I wanted to get through and I passed her in the aisle of the plane to get to my seat. A big thank you for your voice and concern. She stood there for many minutes looking up angrily at her luggage. People behind her looking angrily at her. At baggage claim some 9 hours later, her child looked angirly for his sluggage and as if his life would be long and laborious. He rounded the metal conveyer belt again and again. His mother muttered loudly to herself. Her husband stared at his gold chain and surveyed their stray items.

I do not have an idea of what really happened over the past two months. Mismathed and the bank statements prove…inconsistent thinking about overly entitled teenagers, many of whom made me feel that it’s possible this place may improve. Thanking them for that. Thanking you for this and the rest of the world, thanking them for what?

There was consternation and semi-consistent news proving that the people I care about are stronger than their positions. A few phone calls, some old places adorned with new statements. I met some very intelligent and interesting people who temporarily call Florence home–wishing them well if they ever come across this…

I wish I had pictures of gelato to send along (Riso and Ciacollato con Cafe from Vivoli wins my vote), but instead I’ll attach a picture of a Rolls Royce from Rome. All alliteration aside…:

Or maybe not a Rolls and maybe not from Rome…



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  1. Anonymous

    awesome photo

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