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Pre-pare-the-cold (not the sick kind)

Read backwards: squirrel squirrel puppy

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Why does Penn State always get shafted?

Ok, so I’m a college football fan. Not die-hard, entirely, but on any given saturday a portion of my attention will be devoted to watching whatever my rabbit ears (and in the future, my little black contraption, or yikes! cable) will draw down from the sky into the talking box in the living room. Shannon says she’s going to be a football widow. I don’t know what this means (I do actually, but I’m dumb about a lot of things–lots of knocks on the head). And I’m preparing myself for the possibility that Penn State could get snubbed for the fifth time with an undefeated season under their belt. I get it, the Big 12 is the superior conference this year and the SEC is a very good conference as well. But there are people out there saying that if Penn State is in the championship game they’ll play like Ohio State has in the past few years. Joe Paterno isn’t Jim Tressel. Seriously, the man has the most bowl wins ever and in the past twenty years, when given the opportunity to play in a bowl (14 out of those 20 years) Penn State has a 10-4 record–the biggest loss coming in 92 in the Blockbuster Bowl adn that team was in rough shape to begin with.

Let one of the top two teams lose and let’s see what’s what. Maybe I’ll have to swallow some of these words again on January 8, but from where I’m sitting the blue and white seem like they can keep up with anyone.


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The first time

The first time I fell in love was a smash of patches. The leaks in my pantlegs were atrocious. Something needed to be done, so it was. I was in love.

The second time I fell in love the door came back at me, like its hinge was a weapon. It hung there afterwards. It was not an easy thing to fix.

The third time I fell in love I forgot about my wings. All that flapping. That’s made all the difference.

I’m tired of grading already. And tired of people making promises. And the train that toots its horn at intersections heeds very little. Lights flash and things fall down to block the road. And from this phone you can call the whole sky \part.

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