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5 questions, I think

that i was supposed to answer about 5 and a half months ago, in a series of 5’s (yet there are 8 questions…) and starting with what i was doing 5 years ago…

what were you doing 5 years ago? 1) getting frustrated with jane miller and then learning from that frustration how to be indifferent 2) sweating a lot 3) playing pool at the red garter and getting smeared by andy 4) slapping al’s head 5) hanging out with people i don’t get to see now.

what are 5 things on your to do list for today? 1) get observed (accomplished) 2) go to harrisburg 3) remember to pack student papers in bag (accomplished) 4) grade the 5 papers that were printed from email (accomplished) 5) drink something boozish with pj and jess –this list makes me feel like i’m a capable human…odd for a friday.

what are 5 snacks you enjoy? 1) lightly salted peanuts 2) cliff bars, generally peanut butter crunk or something along that line 3) cereal 4) apples 5) bread

what are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire? 1) fly eveyone i enjoy being around to the south pacific and have a weeklong barbecue 2) stop work 3) give people 50,000 every so often 4) secure my parents for the rest of their lives 5) make more stuff

what are 5 of your bad habits? 1) procrastination 2) pessimism 3) laziness–linked to 1 and 2 4) forgetting to brush my teeth and not flossing 5) dead baby jokes

what are 5 places you have lived? 1) archbald 2) pittsburgh 3) tucson 4) queens 5) mt cobb

what are 5 jobs you have had? 1) sandwich artist 2) gas station attendant 3) maintenance worker 4) flower deliverer 5) nut grabber (small parts picking and packing)

which 5 people do you want to tag? 1) mark 2) jlk 3) paul 4) jesse 5) sommer


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My mess (opotamus–opatamia)

The rain sets its ears down. Think little for the sound.
I’ve been better
off in bed
today. Like this container? the man selling
containers asked. No one listed.

The rain set its hair up. Look hard for the shoulder there.
The date for tomorrow is a lucky one, the 7th. Some bets to carry
off to the corner
and turn
on. Copy the signs and send them
uptown, send them singing.
All the paper scraps accordioned here. All them rejoicing.


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