Building a duckbill

sail the dark out of it first.

I’ve been driving and visiting relatives and getting used to the idea of Virginia. And I’ve got to try and break myself of the opacity habit. More clean lines and starker figures to be drawn. It used to be that a person could have ideas and get them straight and set them down and I could be that person. But somewhere along the way all my wires got meshed up and the signs took themselves down off the wall without me knowing and every conversation I entered could turn into a political trap.

I want to have the properties of a hybrid animal and not feel bad about the fact that chimps have more highly evolved genetic material than men do. Yesterday, in a friend’s kitchen, I had a discussion about the types of animals men should be scared of and a week before this I’d seen a hippopotamus climb out of a pool of murky water and step into its full shape on some concrete steps at the national zoo. These are creatures we should have no business with. I would not want to set up a lemonade stand with a hippo. My friend said that he thought there should be a face-off between a man and a chimp (sorry for the delayed and tasteless joke here–for both the chimp and the woman whose face got taken off) and how since the incident with the woman who’d gotten attacked, he gets angry whenever he sees chimps on TV or at the zoo. He said that he should be the one to square up against a chimp, that he was sure he could take it out.

There are lots of places that this could go from here but I’m tired so I’ll quit for now. This may well continue tomorrow. G’night.


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