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Bending far around Thanksgiving…

We’re getting ready to head to Atlanta to have some tofurkey and real turkey and visit with good friends and family. And I miss the people in NY and have this song crammed in my head now, which is different from funeral singers which Philip pointed out on the facebook is better than having thick singers crammed in my funeral head. I still have to thank him for that line. Anyway, hopefully you have access to this video and if you haven’t gotten your hands on Dark Was the Night, you should. You should also have a wonderful thanksgiving and smooches and hugs to all those out there who I love but cannot see.


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give me give me

two main phrases consumers continually bring up…

i’ve been not so bad in the weather we’re having
sew another drink into your face like an expression

these knitting (space) forgeries are so flipping comfortable
you’d hardly know

thursday morning we leave our plants
we planet our walkways and sit forestlike in judgment
over and over and over again
the needles thin and falling

i like nature all the romantics swayed and said
they’re drapes. they’re dead now but words
and tomorrow i’m building a monument
our hours rented to pile up and clip together

I’m making sure you notify the unsure
of the inserted kilter in the letterbox.
how sweet and so bold.
its a car wreck of alphabets in my noggin.

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my wine dauber. flied loony, like the coop.

tomorrow is a day as we know it. i’ll be wetting the traps and setting the bed.

“yesterday i woke up sucking”


between two colors (name the text) everything

in the beginning is a form of communication.

people go on and on and on (period)

in that pause, bells. a paw the shape of something that rings.

many many chica-gos to winter through. all things go.

This has been
helped by the shuffle
button. Brought to you
by the letter
question mark.

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One Word Album


always in a tough situation
you can set the needle
on stun and run your fingers
back through your gelled
black hair, saying, “mama,
what’d you do with my gun?”


one leaf the color
of gold light
afternoons sometimes
offer back to us
in weather like this


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Building spark

watch the wrist and claim your space for parking. all the calories are counted.
it depends on what you need the spark for.
it depends on what you need the building.
your needs are so identifiable, that’s for holiday.
yesterday we wore disguises.
our guys were windproof.
tonight the colors go damp.
all the roofing nails man up.
from up there fast as tindersticks.
blank the forest green and smelly.
all the ends.

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