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not the words from 8AM for sure

i’m doing
nothing so
will happen

keep your kitchen squares to yourself
and your blocks of thinking thick as cotton
and your wet soks for the rain soaked carpet

divvy up
saint node
salt plane
grater of small herbs

the pillow support is another kind of not getting it
and i am the receiver, dial and all numbers rounded
to the proper tenth.

hear me crack
single serve cup
nodding to wake
my love again


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The Guillotine’s Open and Waiting

Hello everyone:

If you have a chapbook length manuscript looking for a home, please consider sending it to Flying Guillotine Press. Unfortunately we’re charging a reading fee this year. Fortunately it’s $5, and you get a book if you want one.

Don’t click the burglar. Don’t pass into jail. Just send along the arresting words you pull and pile together.

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wey wey wet in the beds

Today was formed by a car ride and then the news at 5 pm on a television station about a movie filming in the capital. The phrasing was “a slow-motion nightmare” and it was a full speed crash. No serious injuries. One mangled yellow Camaro and a cop truck. What is there not to mean about that?

The leaves in Lake Ariel are very colorful now. Over the summer I helped to free a crane from some brambles on the Potomac. Our cats have grown into monsters, but of a very cuddly and loveable variety.

Tomorrow is the 12th day of this 10th month and there were repeating numbers just one day ago. Now an alarm clock becomes the next type of face to hate. Does anyone have any questions?

Oh, in news: Go here: We’ve got two new books out and are looking for two more to make in the coming months.

Here’s to your health!

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