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revving up for the month of april, where i intend to post a bit each day under certain const(ime)raints. this will mark year three of napowrimo, which before this year didn’t really realize was a thing. yesterday i learned what a wombo was. i’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes. today i spent time at the library and sorting through clipart and doing the new-ish office job. happy to be a workin’, even with(in) the rain.

in preparation, all the nude accordion

players gathered, their boxes squeezable

their hands and harmonies (hormones) at the ready

it wasn’t too abysmal for the end of matches

some burning thing and then a quiet pause

a forest called for the end of trampling

the seats you were supposed to bring

are all garnished with rest now, no creek

to wade through, no separated shoulder

or rave to scamp with glowsticks.

I was partly myesh, or slef—keyed

into opening like a cabin

and the slurs were easy to roll out

a noodle-like rope slipped from the trunk

of the car back into the home you left

another type of fairy-tale trail

that would be eaten by good intentioned birds

and the madness we suffered was called adulthood

a cheap fixative to ply the calendar with

sticks in all the stone rolled quarters

and nowhere easy to lay one’s head down

for a song—even if it was limber

and galumphed from the wrinkly hands

and worried bodies of poorly trained nudists.

so last century with their concerns

for authenticity.


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gears and upping

the ante

so bet your better parts, sew buttons onto the traffic standstill
and for what comes back to bite your ass
there’s a mirror to look behind you set up just in front of your face
and the aces are all buried in the deck
some swift handled-barmaid may come along to watch your dealing
or guess how much to lose and sidebar gambling
is a product of illy wrought children

i’m trying here to not notice what the season will be up to when it closes
or how the better pitchers always end up
full of the wrong type of beer
or in the wrong league entirely

come april and the spittoon of fakery
come all you burned ghost factories, spitting new clouds
and bird-shadows into the sky
some sun work is backwards and the retinal cues
a photograph captures will mark each pupil bloodstained.

this i learned from my future
while waiting to fill my jowls with cake

seagulls chased a crow until it landed in home base
and everything went quiet.
trees storing up the sun
had begun to spit up green parts and flowers

my tenses kept catching–

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