standing on the tens(e)

The space between the tilted human
walking angularly back into the top
of the building and the edge of the
photo’s frame are almost equidistant.
No, the size of the sign and it’s requisite
space in yellow and black can almost
be completed again inside the space
to the right of it in the photograph.
And where the top frame square is pressed
shorter and out from the architecture, at acute
degrees, decided the hypotenuse is always
a quicker way to get from triangle point
to point.

All things being qualified and equal,
perspective suggests that outlined people
should not inhabit signs.
Knowing not the chemical compound structure
of walking on top of/within two caution yellow
triangles, the mistakes are human in fault
and calculation – a simple metal turn sound
grinding in the head, says walk
(grin)                       (ads)

it is safe here, matterless angles.


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