up the steps day 16

Somebody said it takes a while to walk

Past what we are – and in this sleeve, in this selving, in this salvage, in this helpking, in this serve and sever and severe

the edges, a nomination for combing the spine, the title

someone said it takes back, it takes the back – it takes from us a form

a long while to know that who we are we have perceived and who we become has something to do with whatever it is we’ve gestured at – take the sleepy windowsill, the pent up cloth hiding beneath a dust jacket, all of the sneezes we’ve wiped away from our faces either in release or suppression, this light centered and what it closes

part of heat is in the wave, past what curl it created – the edge of every thing sings, stings, collapses

we inherit cradle songs and the walls they bounced off of, the badge of claimant pursuits

when the unpacked box belongs in the next room, the body has to assess what heft and orbit to pull from, what sequence of steps to prove factual each division of space

if you were to drop right here your hand into mine and us then drop both into this lamp’s quest we might see our way through flesh, we and might and see all singular on the mind but here in doing something to the light. 



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